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      It is lovely to think We’re living in a tropical paradise but we don’t!

      We moved to Long Beach over a year ago to start our accommodation business and to live amidst a ‘temperate rainforest’ paradise not a tropical one.

      We inherited a garden with a magnificent, large mango tree and got so excited during our first summer here, when hundreds of mangoes the size of peas started to develop.  We didn’t expect them to grow to maturity in such a cool climate and we were right, as they all just fell off the tree one day, dead, as were our hopes of enjoying them (who doesn’t love mangoes).

      I noticed the tiny fruit again earlier this summer but became despondent to their ridiculous flourish.  That was until a couple of days ago, when I was certainly surprised to find the tree was bearing some very promising fruit for ourselves and our guests.

      New Mangoes in my garden

      Mangoes in my garden on the far south coast of New South Wales, who would have thought!

      I wonder if the mangoes’ success has everything to do with the weather we’ve been having at Longbeach Clifftop Retreat! We got an early flush of summer in October when the temperature got real hot (remember the NSW bushfire threat), then in November we had torrential rain that washed so much of the top soil down hill and even part of my roof began to leak during the night in one of the bedrooms where a good friend was sleeping (‘not happy Jaki’ she thought aloud). We have had a good amount of occasional rain since then and now we are having a hot and very dry spell. So, if the tropical tree is to continue to a successful conclusion, I must now go and put a slow drip to it …. and hope for the best.  At least the mangoes are far too hard to entice the fruit bats to stop by our garden every night for a quick snack before continuing their migration northwards!