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      Whale migration off the NSW South-Coast usually lasts till November each year.  So, if you haven’t had the chance yet to experience the spectacle for yourself, there’s still plenty of time to see these incredible creatures heading south.

      The photo below was taken just a couple of days ago by a woman enjoying a whale-watching boat trip at Eden – lucky woman and truly amazing shot! Read article courtesy of Bay Post

      Seal rides whale off the NSW South Coast If you are interested in seeing a whale heading south, our luxurious accommodation at Longbeach Clifftop Retreat offers a great base to stay for a while. There are lookouts not far from here that are known to be good for whale-watching, and a number of whale-watching boat tours nearby that can almost guarantee a sighting.

      Occasionally, whales can be seen from the top of the cliff where our guest accommodation is situated. In fact, in the early part of August this year, a four meters long Southern Right whale was twice-spotted hanging out close to our shore at Long Beach. There’s always time for one more whale visit this season, go for an early-morning stroll along the clifftop or along the beaches below Longbeach Clifftop Retreat and you may just be in luck!

      Southern Right Whale visiting Long Beach

      More Info? This link to Wild About Whales provides up-to-the-minute info about the whales that are visiting the New South Wales coast.