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      Birds common to the Gardens

      This is a list of bird sightings in the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens in New South Wales, Australia, compiled from records from the Eurobodalla Natural History Society.

      ganggang cockatooGang Gang Cockatoo
      Photographed by
      Danny Yee

      Australian Hobby
      Australian King Parrot
      Australian Magpie
      Australian Owlet-Nightjar
      Australian Raven
      Australian Wood Duck
      Azure Kingfisher
      Black Faced Cuckoo-Shrike
      Black Kite
      Black faced Monarch
      Brown Cuckoo-Dove
      Brown Goshawk
      Brown Thornbill
      Brown Warbler
      Brown headed Honeyeater
      Brush Bronzewing
      Brush Cuckoo
      Buff rumped Thornbill
      Channel-billed Cuckoo
      Collared Sparrowhawk
      Common Bronzewing
      Common Koel
      Crescent Honeyeater
      Crested Shrike Tit
      Crimson Rosella
      Dusky Woodswallow
      Eastern Rosella
      Eastern Spinebill
      Eastern Whipbird
      Eastern Yellow Robin
      Fan tailed Cuckoo
      Flame Robin
      Fuscous Honeyeater
      Gang Gang Cockatoo
      Glossy Black Cockatoo
      Golden Whistler
      Grey Butcherbird
      Grey Currawong
      Grey Fantail
      Grey Goshawk
      Grey Shrike Thrush
      Hoary headed Grebe
      Horsefield’s Bronze-Cuckoo
      Jacky Winter
      Large – billed Scrubwren
      Laughing Kookaburra
      Leaden Flycatcher
      Lewin’s Honeyeater
      Little Eagle
      Little Grebe
      Little Lorikeet
      Little Wattlebird
      Magpie Lark
      Masked Plover
      Musk Lorikeet
      New Holland Honeyeater
      Noisy Friarbird
      Olive Whistler
      Olive-backed Oriole
      Painted Button-Quail
      Pallid Cuckoo
      Peaceful Dove
      Pied Currawong
      Powerful Owl
      Rainbow Lorikeet
      Red Browed Treecreeper
      Red Wattlebird
      Red-browed Firetail
      Regent Honeyeater
      Rose Robin
      Rufous Fantail
      Rufous Whistler
      Sacred Kingfisher
      Satin Bowerbird
      Scarlet Honeyeater
      Scarlet Robin
      Shining Bronze Cuckoo
      Southern Boobook
      Span-led Drongo
      Spotted Quail-Thrush
      Spotted pardalote
      Square tailed Kite
      Striated Pardalote
      Striated Thornbill
      Superb Fairy Wren
      Superb Lyrebird
      Swift Parrot
      Tawny Frogmouth
      Topknot Pigeon
      Varied Sittella
      Variegated Fairy-wren
      Wedge-tailed Eagle
      Whistling Kite
      White Checked Honeyeater
      White Ibis
      White breasted Sea-eagle
      White browed Scrubwren
      White faced Heron
      White throated Treecreeper
      White’s Thrush
      White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike
      White-browed Woodswallow
      White-eared Honeyeater
      White-headed pigeon
      White-naped Honeyeater
      White-throated Needletail
      White-throated Nightjar
      White-throated Warbler
      White-winged Chough
      Willie Wagtail
      Wonga Pigeon
      Yellow Thornbill
      Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo
      Yellow-faced Honeyeater